Friday, April 29, 2011

New Found Respect for PartTime Cake Decorators

So my REALLY good friend asked me to make her 21st birthday cupcake tower for her a couple of months ago. I had taken a 1 day sugar flower making workshop, and was absolutely inspired by endless things you could create using fondant. So, with only the limitations of my imagination, I set out to plan how I was to make my cupcakes - the theme; Cartoon Characters!

I took up the challenge. Little did I know, what I would be getting myself into. For some reason, everyone seemed to NEED me in the month of February. I think back and shake my head in disbelief. How on earth did I manage to pull this off? I will say, with ALOT of help from my dear sister Jaye (from Whimsically Divine) who help me down the last stretch of icing each cupcake while I decorated using bits of fondant, lollies and cookies - for cookie monster of course! So to all you part-time cake decorators, you have my respect! It's not easy juggling life and a looming deadline of having a wonderful cake baked and decorated. This post it dedicated to you!

I knew that the birthday girl was going to come dressed as Sailor Moon, and I wanted the top tier to resemble her. I was going to make an actual Sailor Moon figurine, but seeing as how difficult it was even to make the few that are on the top of the cake, I decided to take a more simple approach.

I did alot of fun colouring the fondant all different colours and using all my new cake decorating equipment. Yes.. that was a good day. I had made a variety of cupcakes. Some had butter cream icing with the features made from fondant (Sesame Street cupcakes) and the others were made using a technique called run-out (or run-in) and placed on fondant icing.

If you do happen to decorate a cake for a special occasion, PLAN AHEAD! I cannot stress that enough! It took me 2 weeks to finish (the run-out characters took the longest, as each colour used needed one full day to dry or else the colours will bleed).

I'll dedicate a post on the run-out technique. That will be interesting! :) Until next time!


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  2. YES! very creative and time consuming! :)