Friday, May 18, 2012

White Chocolate Panna Cotta Canape Cups with Coffee Syrup and Raspberries

The weekend was one big blur of mother's day festivities! Saturday night was a big night for all the mothers at our church. All the young adults had organised a dinner for them. The place was decorated absolutely lovely. Jaye from Whimsically Divine made bouquets of paper flowers in hand decorated jars, pompoms hanging from the ceiling, matching table runners. She is all about detail! She had even made cute fridge magnets with notes like "Thanks mum for taking care of me." and "Thanks mum for your hugs." The night was filled with performances, speeches and games. But of course, all I really had an interest was the FOOD! There was wonderful peking duck wrapped in a thin pancake, san choy bau, curry puffs, deep fried wontons. Talk about gourmet! I had committed myself to making some food. Vanilla panna cotta has always been my dessert of choice. So I thought I would give it a go. To make it extra special, I decided instead to make a white chocolate version and top it with coffee syrup. I adapted the recipe from the one on the website. I changed the amount of caster sugar from 140 g to 100 g and didn't add any sugar in the coffee syrup - which then technically just makes it coffee with water. :) The white chocolate makes it plenty sweet!

The raspberries were just because I felt like it! Us women love things cute and detailed!

I got many compliments! I guess my first attempt at panna cotta was a success. I also made mini versions of bruschetta expect I didn't use any oyster mushrooms..and just used button mushrooms, which kinda made the whole thing very brown, a lesson I'll learn for next time. Also instead of making olive tapanade (which would have been quite expensive for 70 people) I made a cream cheese spread using cream cheese, 1/2 instant soup packet (cream of chicken, but spring vegetables is also really good), shallots and cracked black pepper. MIX MIX MIX!

A friend of mine requested it for her next afternoon tea. Oh what sugar and cream can do!I made some trial ones on the wednesday before the dinner, and I wanted to try turning them out onto a plate! I just had to post the cuteness of it! The joy you feel when something you try for the first time actually works out!


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