Monday, June 27, 2011

Because I'm Cool Like That: A week's Worth

How cute is my doggy?! I love her! Her name is bella and she a lover of fine foods.. haha.. well really food in general. She will follow anyone who's holding anything edible, give you the famous puppy eyes.. sit there patiently until you give her a sample. If you ignore her.. she'll make some "fake" subtle sneezes to grab your attention or she'll gently lay her head on your knee (if your sitting) or your foot (if you're standing).

Ok.. don't judge me. I'm combining a weeks worth of FOOD experience into one big entertaining post! Some will call it lazy.. some, efficient. It's a glass half empty or glass half full perspective. Positive light or negative? I'll let you decide. Can I also just say.. I ATE LIKE A MAMMOTH (assuming they eat alot..) over the weekend! Going to have to work extra hard at the gym this week. Also a "haha" moment was.. i found out that my boyfriend's mother doesn't believe in dieting. She says that you can eat WHATEVER you want.. just in moderation.. "A little bit, a little bit. It okay." - Thank you for your wise words! I guess everyone has their own definition of "a little bit." Bear with me, it's kind of a long-ish post.

I was lucky enough to have work pay for 2 lunches last week! First one was a yum cha restaurant in Chatswood, right next door to where I work. Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant. I love the idea of sharing food with friends and getting really good conversations going around the table. Without fail, I will always have the steamed veggies, and dimsims. Everything else is a bonus. :) The bbq pork here is b.e.a.utiful! Sweet cuts of meat, that taste extra delish when you dip it in the chilli sauce. I only ever eat duck when I go to yum cha. Duck is pretty fatty.. so i try not to eat it too much, but when I do, its worth the wait! We also had calamari.. we waited AGES for this.. but only because it's so yummy. Towards the end of the meal we nibbled on calamari and chatted until the lunch hour was up. The only thing that I have against this place is that the food doesn't come out quickly enough. Otherwise, it's definately a regular (and popular) lunchtime destination for the 9-5 workers in the area.

The other place that we went for lunch was a Vietnamese place in St Leonards. I know, I know. The best pho is in Sydney's south western suburb of Cabramatta.. and I will whole heartedly agree! But what if, you're craving pho and now where near cabra, with only 1 hour to eat lunch? Go to Song Nhi in St Leonards. I've been on the look out for a good pho on the lower north shore and have tried a few here. Alot of them are more expensive than what you'd expect to pay in Cabra.. but when you've got to put those pho cravings to bed, I will gladly pay the extra $$. The most expensive bowl of pho that I've had (and it wasn't even good!) was $15. Tasted really ick. Never went there again. But SongNhi is awesome! The pho tastes alot like the one at Bau Truong (Canley Heights) AND it's the same price! $10! Woot major woot!

So Friday night, the boy and I invited my family, Papa bear, mama bear, and little (sister) bear, for dinner. Ever since I took the boy to try Hurricanes ribs for his birthday, he's been begging me to go eat ribs again. Thanks to Miss Piggy's post on Tony Roma's all you can eat ribs, I had locked in Friday Night Tony Roma's Ribs dinner (Purposefully having an early lunch so that my tummy would be empty at the start of the meal). We went to the Marriot Hotel after for coffee and dessert. I love places that have live acoustic music, where you can sit and enjoy the ambiance sipping on coffee and delving into wonderful sugary sweet treats! We ordered out coffees ( my sister initially deciding not to have anything but later allowing the waiter to convince her into ordering a hot chocolate) and also ordered 2 of the tiramisu. Can I just say that I'm a MASSIVE fan of this dessert! I was very happily surprised when it came out. It was a little different than any other tiramisu I've ever tried. They gave you a shot glass of the coffee mixture to pour over the tiramisu in the martini glass. It was so delicious and so fun to eat! I did my little happy dance (you know the one you do when you eat something indescribably yummy) after popping the first spoonful into my mouth.

I made pandan cakes as well. Was going to make a coconut frosting.. but I tasted them and thought they were better on it's own. I come home from work the day after I made them.. to find that my dad ate them all!!! *whine and whinge* They were going to be my morning snack on the train ride into work!

Being an office 9-5er on a budget, there's not really much choice in the way of food. Especially when all you have is bread, muesli, and honey in the pantry at work. After coming back from a quick gym sesh, I WAS RAVENOUS! I didn't want to snack on the contents of the cookie jar at work (once you start you cant stop).. so I thought I'd just put whatever I have in a bread roll and toast it in the sandwich press (Coz crunchy is good!). That ended up being honey and cheese. BEFORE YOU SAY EWWWWWWW.. think of it this way.. it's like eating Honey and Ricotta on Banana Bread.. just not as fancy. It's really good! I've been trying to persuade my friends who I email during the day to try it.. but they're not convinced on my "unique" flavor combo.

I also just wanted to share the entire Fairy Cupcake Tree that I made for the little 3 yr from my first catering job 2 weekends ago. Pretty no?

I've been also really looking forward to my first blogger meet up. Tomorrow night is the night! Cheese fondue! Cannot wait to finally put a face to the blogs!


  1. i can do honey and cheese totally! and those pandan cupcakes are sooo cute!

    on friday work paid for our dinner at sydney point tower bufffet (thats 85 per head) pretty nice and generous :):)

  2. woohoo!! finally someone who appreciates different combos and doesn't look at me weird when I say honey and cheese on toast!

    wow! Jealous! they say food tastes so much better when it's free :P

  3. lunch me in st leonards ;) sometime that pho looks awesome take me!!!

  4. Epic week of eating - way to go! I bet my husband would love honey & cheese on bread...shall have to aske if he's ever tried it.

    Cute the glasses - all the better to see your food with, right?

  5. awwwwwww bella is too cute!! and i would call it efficient. so efficient that i should do one of my own very soon :D