Friday, July 1, 2011

The Boy & Tony Roma's Ribs

Firstly.. PLEASE excuse my dodgy flash iphone photography.

Secondly.. Happy Wednesday!

Thirdly.. Cake Boss is one totally addictive show.

Ok, so The Boy doesn't really eat out much. Until he became My boy. And now it's "Lets go out to eat." Even though we're saving for some "big" event, we (he) always seem to find the extra cash to spend on a good meal! Back in May I took him out to Hurricanes for his birthday and made him order the ribs. He wasn't disappointed.

After Hurricanes, we tired Outback Steakhouse ribs, although good, wasn't up to par as Hurricanes. So when I saw The Adventures of Miss Piggy's blog post on Tony Roma's All you can Eat ribs, I was convinced we HAD to try it. So we invited my family out for dinner.

Boy and I share the BBQ Beef Ribs Sampler (good for 2) with 4 side dishes, at the recommendation of Miss Piggy to stay away from the rice, I order the corn and fries for my sides. Alas, the boy wanted rice. I tried to warn him.. but he wouldn't listen. It was very hard not to say "I told you so." though, I refrained.. seeing that he actually offered to pay for the entire meal. Bless!!

First bite found myself and the boy nodding at each other in definite approval! The ribs were meaty, succulent, bbq-ey goodness! I could only get through 3 ribs!!! GASP! i know.. SHAME! They were HUGE.. ribs made for giants! No matter how much I wanted to eat my last rib, the boy gladly finished my last rib, because I seriously couldn't bring my self to bring it to my mouth. Poor effort, I know. Corn was juicy and wonderfully sweet! And the fries added a contrasting crunch to the entire meal. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!

My dad ordered the Ribs Sampler which was a selection of different ribs from the menu. He must've enjoyed it, because the plate was literally clean. We were also convinced that it was a "good for 2" meal.. but apparently not so.

My sister ordered the Chicken Strips with honey mustard dipping sauce. Yep, she doesn't eat much. But they were pretty darn good! I would know, I finished the last 2 pieces! She said that it looked like a kids meal. :D

Mum ordered grilled chicken, not my kinda thing if ribs are on offer, but she said that she liked it, so I guess I'll just have to take her word for it.