Sunday, June 12, 2011

Someone's Trash is Another One's Treasure

I absolutely LOVE op shops and thrift stores. Theres just something about spending hours browsing through pre loved items and finding that one particular piece that makes the trip all worth while. Oh and garage sales too! Sifting through the stuff people would just throw out and finding something that would make you think.. WHY ON EARTH are they throwing this out?! and the good thing is, it only costs you a few dollars, depending on what you get of course! My recent trips have been far from disappointing! Check out a few of MY finds!

I found 2 of these plates for $0.50!! It looks SOOO much better in real life. Believe me!

A silver cake stand - and it has the prettiest pattern!

EEK! i LOVE this cake lid! only $2. I wanted to cry when my beady little eyes landed on this gem!

Antique oval mirror. I just love the decorative frames on these mirrors! I have another one in my room, but it's rectangle and someone gave it to me as a thankyou gift. This may be a little overboard seeing as my room is quite teeny.. but it was only $5 and too pretty to pass by!

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