Thursday, June 9, 2011

What in the the Box..Whats in the Box Today?

Yes, i am aware it says Jervis Walker with a picture of a marlin, just don't take any notice of it. It's what's inside that counts!

What's in the box?

Tadaa! Yes, it's a post about my cake decorating kit. It's just so pretty.

My own little rainbow in a box!

The right side - its THAT big.
The left side.

This little baby is full of bits and pieces I've collected...paint brushes, toothpics, paddlepop sticks, just unexpected things that I've found to be quite useful when decorating. A massive thank you to Jaye from Whimsically Divine who bought it for me! There's an amazing warehouse thingy in Bonnyrigg (near Cabramatta, South West Sydney) that sells really cheap stuff! Like ridiculously low prices! I bought like 80 mini round containers (i use to mix little amounts of royal icing) for just $2! And i found a beautiful red mixing bowl with a spouty thing for only $5! Theres even really cheap serving platters, but i didn't purchase any, regrettably. Theres skewers, but half the size of the normal ones, which I figure I could use for cake pops, when I get around to making them. The whole left side of the warehouse is all different kinds of fabric, buttons, fastenings, lace, etc. It's a DIY crafters heaven! But yes, I could spend a good solid couple of hours in there just looking at all the nifty things.

I'd love to see what kind of tools and treasures you keep in yours! Or if you have a secret item that makes cake decorating that little bit easier, I'd love to know so that I can add it to my collection.

OOH! and I just want to say that I found so many cooling racks at garage sales last weekend! Got them all for 50cents or less! Bargain! Totally going again this weekend! You never know what you could find! I really should do a post on the stuff that I find at 2nd hand stores and garage sales. I also found a silver cake stand, for only $4 and a cookie tin with little cookies and cakes all over it for only $3. I'm just shivering with excitement!! or maybe I'm just really cold... Sydney weather is just so temperamental..but I've digressed.


  1. i heart your box! wish i was that organised and i love your rainbow of wilton colours!

  2. hehe! thanks! It's organised only because I just put everything in it! Before it was just in this massive storage box..i'm talking, no teeny compartments! it was chaos!

  3. that is one serious decorating box. i used to use one of those when i was at design college for all my drawing equipment :-)

  4. YES! I guess the fact that it says "JUMBO" on the label doesn't make it very subtle. :P Tackle boxes are much more than just for hooks and sinkers!