Monday, July 18, 2011

Cabramatta in all it's Asian Glory!

So I've been blogging now for about 3 months, and it's been a wonderful food filled journey! Meeting new people, trying new foods and attempting to bake slash cook foods I've never tried. On this journey I met the cabramatta expert behind the blog Bettys Bites. She's a local foodie, who knows the ins and outs of Cabramatta (and surrounding suburbs) and all the best places to eat. Being in the area quite regularly we agreed to meet up for lunch one weekend. After much postponing (on both parts.. HAHA) we met up last Sunday arvo infront of the famous Cabramatta Red Lea (where they sell the BEST hot chips! no lie!). A Michael Jackson wannabe was strutting his stuff in the open thoroughfare, and if I'm not wrong, Im pretty sure I saw one mean looking mullet underneath his hat. Shudder. Oh well.. served for some good ol sunday afternoon entertainment.

Betty gives me a few suggestions of where to eat and we end up going to a restaurant near the station, called Nha Hang Huong Xua. Luckily I actually don't have to pronounce it, because I wouldn't know where to start. When you step through the sliding doors, you notice that it's quite narrow and deep. As I give FULL ordering privileges to Betty, she orders for the both of us, and to that I also order a jackfruit smoothie, which is quite delightful.

Jackfruit Smoothie - $4 I would have liked this to be slightly thicker, but nonetheless it was quite refreshing.

I love how both our meals were served with vermicelli noodles and greens. A bit of everything! That's how I like it! Betty tells me that she's ordered fish something.

Spring Rolls with Vermicelli - $11 And mine is spring rolls! Nice and substantial! I love how the spring rolls are crispy and flaky. It's so delicious, especially with the fish sauce the accompanies the meal. It's lighter than what you would normally get from a vietnamese place.

Needing to walk off our lunch feed, Betty starts to show me the places beyond the main street of Cabramatta. There's a bakery that bakes bread every few hours, so that it's warm and fresh for every purchase. $0.80 a roll. Then she shows me the place where they sell the best custard filled pastry. The smell as you walk past is drool worthy!!! I'm totally regretting not buying any. And we venture further, into another alley way where it's just jam packed with people. To either side there are people selling vietnamese sweets. I love all the pretty colours! I end up buying 2 types of sweets. A taro one with coconut and sago balls and a tub with glutinous rice balls filled with yellow mung beans in a ginger and brown sugar syrup. My favourite was the mung bean one. The filling is actually quite savoury but compliments the sweetness of the syrup. We head into BKK International Food Plaza and come across another stall that sells Thai and Laos desserts. She points out her favourite, and we proceed to share a slice.

Purple/Black beans and sticky rice with Salted Coconut topping - $4.

Oh yeh! Delicious!

Betty also takes me to grocery stores partly because you can find anything and everything and also because she's craving taro and needs to buy one. I ended up buying a few things myself. A jar of Kaya, some seaweed to snack on at work, and glutinous rice flour (so that I can make pandan and palm sugar onde onde and that mung bean dessert that I've just fallen inlove with).

I will definitely make more of an effort to explore the little food gems that Cabramatta has to offer. Thanks Betty for sharing your knowledge and experience!


  1. Isn't Cabramatta GREAT! I've been twice already this year and cannot wait to go back. You should go to Tan Viet next time for crispy skin chicken and then go and find a sour sop smoothie - sooooo good!

  2. Wow, cheap and drool-worthy. I'll have to schedule a visit soon.

  3. great post :) i have many more places to show u to hehehe

    heaps more desserts to try too nom nom

  4. @misspiggy: I love the variety of food that you can get from Cabra :) I will remember that next time im in the area!

    @lateraleating: You should! I highly encourage the trek out there :)

    @twofitandfungals: Yes! Desserts are delish! Hanging for the vego place.. wwhoot!

  5. I love exploring Cabramatta - so much cheap and tasty good. That dessert looks so good! And you definitely should have tried the custard puffs - they are soooo good

  6. loveeeeeeeeee black glutinous rice with coconut! so sad that cabra is wayyyyyy toooooooo farrrrrrr for me >-<

  7. These ingredients will be perfect for a shabu-shabu feast. I can already savor the nice broth.