Thursday, July 7, 2011

Churros: Addictive little Buggers!

Yo! So I remember when I was little, buying long cinnamon sugar covered churrros from the easter show. I didn't go to the last easter show, but the one before that, I COULDN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE! The last experience of these delicious treats was in the States last year, at DisneyLand, the happiest place on earth, and indeed it was. Ahh! I bought 3 of those there! Not all at once of course. I will never understand why it costs so much?

Snap back to reality (resist the urge to continue on with Eminiems rap), I have been craving churros for SO LONG now! I remember the time my sister tried to make them, unsuccessfully, so I've been procrastinating. But one day, the cravings over took the fear of failure. The exact recipe also includes a recipe to make the dipping chocolate, but I think the Churros is the ONLY thing that I can definitely do without chocolate! I much prefer covering it with cinnamon sugar. So I endeavor to make my own. Turns out it's actually easier than I anticipated. :)

This is me trying to get into the habit of "mise en place" - preparing everything first before actually starting. I tend to get stuff at I read the recipe. Learnt the hard way that it's not very efficient.

Combine water, butter and salt into a pot and bring it to a boil.

Slowly add the flour until it forms a ball of dough. Add in eggs and beat until combined. Then give it a further stir to bring it all together.

Heat about 1 inch deep olive oil or vegetable oil in a pan. To test to make sure the oil is hot enought to use, take a bit of the excess dough from the bowl and if it starts to sizzle, you know it's hot enough.

Fill a large piping bag fitted with a Star piping tube and pipe strips into the hot oil. When it becomes golden brown, turn strips over to cook on the other side. I advise to start with you work with 2 strips, once you gain your confidence, work your way up to 4.

Dry and drain churros on a plate covered with a few layers of kitchen paper towels.

Mix suagr and cinnamon in a rectangle dish and roll churros in the mixture, making sure to cover entire strip. These are best eaten as soon as possible. But if you intend on saving them for later, heat them up in the oven and roll them in the sugar mixture just before eating.

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