Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crazy Wings, Chatswood

With all the development of Eat Street around Chatswood Station, this little place opened up, but with my naive little mind, and the easy access to roti canai from Mamak (right next door) I kept putting off trying the food at Crazy Wings. Until one fine day, a lovely obesebaby kindly offered me her $10 voucher via Food Morning Sydney which I happily accepted :P

Beef Teriyaki Fried Rice - $11.80: I love fried rice that not just rice, corn and peas! Its not salty and the flavour of the soy sauce isn't over powering. Perfect addition with any type of skewers.

Teriyaki Beef and Onion Skewers - $6 for 3 pcs: These were slightly overcooked and quite tough to chew. My jaw starting hurting after just the first one. Although the teriyaki coating was nice enough, there just wasn't enough and the meat was quite dry.

Crazy Lamb skewers - $8 for 1/2 dozen ($15 for a dozen): These are amazing! They're cooked through perfectly and it's not too hot where you are temporarily unable to talk.. but enough to feel the need to pace yourself and allow time for the heat to die before you reach for the next one.

My feast for one. Yes.. I did eat the ENTIRE meal.. and although I felt like I needed a wheelbarrow to get myself back to work, I managed to pick up a custard tart for dessert. Oh goodness.. it's so shameful.. but it's the truth.

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