Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ma'leisia Cafe Parramatta

I love my friends! They're always up for anything! After reading chocolatesuze's post on Ma'leisia Cafe in Parramatta I was immediately excited! I convinced the boy and my dear sister to go with me, then one thing led to another, resulting in a whole group of us going! The more the merrier I say!! Can I just say that half the fun of eating out is the company, and I had the most awesome-est time! I was the first to arrive, so I got snap happy.

I love places that also have the menu up on the wall behind the counter. It makes ordering easier! Probably also makes decision making on interior design less of a hassle. Just put a HUGE version of the menu on the back wall! Problem solved!

Pretty pretty lights!

Ma'leisia Signature Chicken Curry Laska - $8.90 (lunch special) Its a pretty darn big ol bowl of laksa. Great value for money! This is sooo delish! 2 out of 8 people ordered this, both with rave reviews! I tried the broth, it's pretty spicy.

Ma'leisia Ipoh Chicken Rice - $8.90 (lunch special) Didn't get to try this one, but from what I heard, it's pretty yumo.

Ma'leisia Fresh Prawn Wonton Noodle with Chicken - $9.90 (lunch special) Ok, another dish i didn't get to try, but I assume it was good, as the plate was CLEANED!

The lovely staff here also gave us 2 servings of the Rockmelon Sago Pudding. It's freshly blended rockmelon with sago and crushed ice. It was quite delightful! I think the best out of all the desserts :) Our group ordered them all.

And by chocolatesuze's recommendation, I also ordered the Kaya on toast with extra kaya. Such a delightful addition to the meal! I ordered the Roti Canai and the Nasi Lemak with fried chicken. WOW! Thats some good fried chicken! The staff are so so friendly! They let us order the lunch special after the cut off time of 2:30. They also didn't bother us when they were cleaning up for closing. They let us sit there until we were finished. I HATE how some places inform you that they're closing, hinting that they want you OUT! Tsk. They should know better.

I love how the portions are quite substantial and very delicious! Definitely a must for a good cheap eat out!


  1. definitely a great place to just chill and eat delicious food! so glad you liked it!

  2. I want that rockmelon sago pudding! Kaya on toast sounds good too! Definitely be headin to Parra soons just for this place:)

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