Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My VERY FIRST Food Blogger Meet up: Cheese Fondue, Swissotel Sydney

Being lactose intolerant should decrease my dairy consumption considerably. Being a foodie however, it doesn't. So when the opportunity to go on my very first food blogger meet up results in a night of cheese fondue, I jump at the chance to consume cheesy dipped snacks while meeting the lovely ladies behind the blogs:

The Adventures of Miss Piggy
The Creamy Middles
I Dream in Chocolate
Absolutely Ayana
Sugar's Sweet Blog
When the World Stops Spinning

The way it works is you share a pot of cheese between 2. Seeing as there were 10 of us in total, we had 5 pots of delicious cheese! Coincidentally, I ended up sharing a pot of cheese with the other lactose intolerant foodie from I Dream in Chocolate. What are the odds? haha.. That was quite hilarious considering we ended up eating more cheese than any other pair. HI 5! This then led to a brief conversation about the consequences of dairy indulgences and a "just in case" chew of a QuickEze to avoid (quote unquote) date with toilet.

Bread!! Toasty Bread!! Tip: Let the bread soak up some of the cheese before eating. It's yum! (I don't know why I'm writing up this post on an empty stomach. It's not the brightest idea I've had.. I'm starving and totally regretting not finishing off the bread and cheese on the night.)

Cheese and Bread: such a simple but delectable combination!

Oh by the way.. you can top up any of the sides FOR FREE!!! that was pretty exciting when we found that out. More sausages and potatoes please!

The cheese itself was quite surprising. I'd never had cheese fondue before and was thought it would have more of a Cheddar taste to it. Although it smelled like feet when it came out, it had milder taste than expected. Luckily, as I don't think I could've eaten as much as we did if it was a stronger tasting cheese. We asked what cheese was actually used in the fondue, they kindly wrote it down, and it was passed along and photographed.


We kept munching until we couldn't munch any more. I was a big fan of the bread dipped in the cheese, but I particularly liked the sausages on its own. We also decided to share desserts! This way we could try different ones!

Seeing as this was my first meet up, it was such a sight to see everyone whip out their cameras to take photos of the food. Would have created alot of attention. Annoyingly enough, I had forgotten to charge my camera, so had to rely on my iphone. BOO! i know.. next time, I'll be armed and ready to shoot with my Canon 300D!

Had a great time getting to know everyone! Can't wait for the next one!


  1. It sure did smell like feet didn't it - I'm so glad it tasted better than it smelt. Really nice to meet you - and your photos look pretty good for iPhone photos.

  2. Thanks! I had to do some adjustments in Photoshop.. buts thats about as good as it gets

    Really good to meet you too!!

  3. It was nice meeting you! Well done on demolishing the cheese fondue pot!

  4. so nice to meet you!! you are much younger than i expected hahaha! cant get over the fact that 2 lactose intolerant girls ate the most cheese :P