Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Trip to Eveleigh Markets + Multiple Public Happy Dances

Markets are an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning! Especially when it's a food market! I have been meaning to visit Eveleigh markets for a while now, but for the past 3 weekends my darling sister has been DRAGGING me all around town to garage sales and op-shops, looking for mismatched china AND other sweet vintage trinkets.. "for her business" she likes to say. (If she were reading this right now, her immediate reply would be.. "it IS for my business!!" and thats typical Jaye. There's always an excuse to spend money.) I'll admit, I did manage to score myself a bargain or 2, and I did get excited when we found a goldmine of 1/3 price china at a Vinnies store in Rockdale. Spent $50+... imagine how many pieces of china that is, considering each item cost no more than $1. Happy Dance numero uno.

SO.. I decided that this weekend, I would drag her around Eveleigh food market. Luckily she agreed without any resistance. We parked and (eventually) found the shuttle bus to the markets. It was a B.E.A.UTIFUL day to be out, eat some market food, and generally spend money.

Sign for the shuttle bus stop. Located outside bay 8 at Australian Technology Park. When we arrive, I was slightly overwhelmed. For a market, it's quite impressive. I got excited all over again which led to happy dance number 2.

There were heaps of different stalls, this salad dressing tastes unbelievable! The lady who was selling it informed us that it's her grandmothers recipe. It's so light and doesn't have a strong after taste like alot of dressings tend to leave. At $12 a bottle, it's not the cheapest but then again, you get what you pay for! Quality product!

"Give me, give me, give me a mandi. Give me a mandi, give me a mandi MUM!" For some odd reason, that ad always pops into my head whenever I see/eat/smell a mandarin. These were displayed in beautiful distressed wooden crates.. and packed in brown paper bags. I love stuff that comes in brown paper bags, especially if it's edible.

RMF (Random Mary Fact) I eat 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches on the weekdays. First breakfast is 5 mins before I walk out the door to go to work in the morning. Usually consists of freshly squeezed fruit and veg juice a la Daddy or omelet and rice. Then when I get to work, I will have a bowl of muesli or porridge (depending on the season). So I just couldn't help myself to taste all the flavours at this stall. I ended up buying a small bag of this. IT'S SO DELISH! i cannot begin to describe how beautiful it is. The guy selling it (I assume to be Farmer Jo) said that this flavour was the most popular. With good reason!

Ok.. so at 10:30 on a COLD winter morning, the last thing on your mind shouldn't be icecream. But seeing Icecream sandwiches in big letters, ALWAYS seems to catch my attention. The flavours offered at Pat and Stick's Homemade Icecream Co are so memorable, creamy and delicious! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to miss out on these babies! So we buy 4 icecream sandwiches for $17. The great thing with this is, it comes in a takeaway container and they place a chunk of dry ice on the top so that if you have a distance to travel home, it won't melt away. Perfect! Seeing at is was actually out first purchase. Happy dance number 3.

Now, this story I must tell. A few years ago, my parents came back from Hunter Valley with this amazing cheese but for the life of us, we couldn't remember what it was called. We suspected a few different cheeses, but none gave us that certain "This is it" feeling. Well we stumble across this stall and begin to cast glances over the tub of cheeses, not really expecting much. Then both our eyes landed on the tub with the word "Labna" on it. We immediately looked at each other with enormous grins and said "They have the cheese." Purchased without hesitation! Happy dance number 4.

Foods that I also bought but didn't take a picture of was an organic chicken matabak, spinach and ricotta roll, a sausage roll and a brownie. Definitely a place i will visit again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


  1. I love Eveleigh markets. I always get Kylie Kwongs omelette type of rolls. Yum! We just got back from the Hunter Valley and I bought some cheese from Binnorie dairy. Haven't eaten it yet though

  2. eveleigh markets is my happy place too! so much delicious fresh produce!

  3. blah! i can never wake up early enough on a weekend...usually after 3pm...so i always get envious when ppl blog about markets because i can never go to them :p

  4. ooh so many stalls XD farmer jo's muesli sounds real tasty!

  5. I love the Eveleigh markets! I haven't been for so long though, must make the effort to go soon. The muesli sounds so delicious!

  6. You said 'eventually found the shuttle bus', is it hard to find?

    1. Well, where we parked, it was a little bit of a hike to to bus stop (where the shuttle bus will pick up and drop off) which is located right near Bay 8 at Australian Technology Park. We walked right past the sign as it wasn't eye level (low to the ground) and didn't notice it.