Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Noodle House, Chatswood

I think the thing that I crave the most during winter is noodle soup. Seriously.. I cannot get enough. The broth just warms my heart and then it seems that all is good with the world. Yep, I do get all that from a bowl soup! Happy Noodle House in Chatswood is a cheap korean place with decent sized portions. This little place is nestled in an alley way just off Victoria Ave in Chatswood. Be warned. The soups are served HOTTER THAN HOT! So don't get too excited and try to sip a spoonful of broth.. or you'll burn your tongue.. and that won't be attractive.. not the actual burnt tongue part, but the facial expressions made in trying not to spit out the seering hot soup thats in your mouth.

This is pretty much the whole interior. Besides 2 more tables on the right and the kitchen (takeaway style display case with a sink, microwave, fridge/freezer and other unrecognisable items) opposite the menu that is mounted on the wall. I opt for the wide noodle soup with chicken, probably the most "normal" option on the menu, but because I've had this before, I knew that it was exactly what I was in the mood for. Perfect to fight those winter blues and the terrible tonsilitis that I had to endure.

Wide Noodle Soup with Chicken - $10 Seasoned perfectly and the vegetables still have a bite to them, which I like. The complimentary kimchi is yummy, but the steamed (?) vegetables tasted bleh.. so I just added them into the soup!

Up close and personal bro! (yeh.. ignore my attempt at being cool)


  1. YUM! Love noodle soup in winter. We make special trips further out than the norm so we can get good ones. I find the smaller and more basic the place, the better the soups :)

  2. Hot noodles keep the flavor simmering with the ingredients.