Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photo Sesh 1: Bicentennial Park | Sydney Olympic Park

I'm really starting to get into this photography thing now. Been looking at buying a few extras to add to my beautiful Canon DSLR, some new lenses and an external flash. But these things cost MOOLAH-LAH.. and unfortunately.. I don't have a spare $1000 to spend on a good flash and lenses. But I'm trying to make the most of what I have. So, here is the beginning of my photography adventure.

This adorable couple are good friends of mine. They've been dating since highschool and the thing that I love the MOST about them is that they both have braces. To cute for words!

Weird. I have a foot phobia (will hurt someone if bare feet touched me), but I have an obsession with taking photos of feet..I wonder why.

I love playing with shadows!

Love the trees and the hedges in this park!


  1. These photos are amazing!! They could totally pass for engagement photos and look really professional. Well done girl :)

  2. thanks nic!!! everyone thought they had gotten engaged. I had to reassure everyone there was no ring.. or proposal. :D

  3. gorgeous goregeous gorgeous shots! Im sure your friends will treasure them forever - I wish I had cool photos like this with my other half!