Monday, August 22, 2011

Sagunja, Chatswood

I think the best thing about sushi trains, other than the actual food itself, is that you don't have to wait for your food. You can just sit down and start eating RIGHT AWAY! I tell you, whoever thought of food on a conveyor belt is a pure GENIUS! I would sushi-train it more often if only it wasn't so expensive and if you're anything like me in having the ability to order 3 dishes while everyone else orders 1, then your bill may not be a pleasant end to your meal. So becasue each plate is priced differently ranging from around $2.50 to about $8 the amount just increases ever so quickly you hardly notice.

BUT! A wonderful colleague (who I am indebted to forever) took me to Sagunja in Chatswood (upstairs in the food court of the Mandarin Centre) where, at the time, all plates were $2.50! Unfortunatley they have increased the price to $2.90 for all plates.. but hey.. that's still pretty good in my books!

And because I don't know the actually names of them, you can just oogle at the deliciousness that exudes from the pictures.

This one was my favourite!!!

The damage done. Ok. I admit, I did eat more. But you all knew that was going to happen!

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65 Albert Ave Shop 225 Mandarin Centre Chatswood PH 9410 2545


  1. That's cheap! My local sushi train goes from $3 to $5.5 :(

  2. Thats so cheap! Some sushi trains in the city can get up to $9 for a plate. Next time we're in Chatswood I'll def give it a go :)

  3. @lateraleating: They can make alot of money those sushi train joints!

    @nic: It is definitely worth a visit. There are heaps of sushi train places in chatty, but this one is the cheapest that I've found.

  4. I LOVE Sushi Trains - after Crazy Wings (or as well as) they are my happy happy place. In fact I think that is where we are off to for dinner tonight. NOM!

  5. i hate it when they jack up the price! lol 6 plates? where's the 16 other ones? :P

  6. Hi,

    Your photos are simply amazing. Would you mind if we post them on our Facebook Page with credits to your blog, of course.

    Mandarin Shopping Centre

  7. @Mandarin Centre ChatswoodThanks!! AND You most certainly can use my pics :)