Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wi Marn Thai, Chatswood

Working in Chatswood, there are a million and one restaurants to try during your lunch break. Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, German, Chinese... you get the picture. Just so happens that there is a great little Thai place not far from where I work, and when I saw Food Morning Sydney's tweet about a lunch deal for Wi Marn Thai (7 Help Street, Chatswood) I knew that I had to purchase the voucher. 1 entree + 1 main + 1 bowl jasmine rice + red/white wine or softdrink = $11.90! I couldn'tbelieve my eyes! A main alone would cost more than that, so I was pretty chuffed :)

One thing (amongst others), Wi Marn has excellent service, its clean and wonderfully decorated. I noticed that as patrons left the restaurant, the waiters would go out of their way to open the door for them. I really like the silver drinking cup (every Thai restaurant I've been to always has these.. also the pot where the rice is served out of is the same silver with the embossed pattern) and the elephant (which I thought was an owl at first) on the end of the cutlery.

Entree: Salt and Pepper Calamari - (usually) $9.90 for 6 pieces.

I love salt and pepper calamari. Its so addictive! But this was the first time I've ever seen it served with sweet chilli sauce. :) It wasn't bad, I would've liked to be able to taste more flavour (kinda bland if you didn't dip it in the sweet chilli) but I still enjoyed the crunchy outside and the chewy calamari inside.

Main: Vegetarian Pad Se-Ew - (usually $13.90 with meat $15.90)

This stir fried rice noodle with vegetables and special soy sauce dish is probably one of the best I've every had! It's not too oily and the flavour is just bursting with soy saucey goodness! The only thing missing (for me) was that chilli factor that I can't get enough of. No sooner had the thought left my mind, the waitress comes over with a little bowl filled with chilli flakes.

The tofu was lightly fried so that the outside was crispy but the inside was soft and silky and not spongey. The veges were not overcook and still made a crunch when you bit into it. Everything was perfectly covered in the right amount of sauce which, when the plate was set infront of me, resulted in a nod of aproval.

TA-DAA! I think I may have went a tad over board, as I found myself sprinkling spoonfuls of the stuff all over my noddles, thinking, I REALLY hope it's a mild chilli. I think I just found the teeny wooden spoon a novelty to use. BAHA!

I absolutely love this place! Delicious food and a really warm and inviting atmosphere make for a lovely lunch hour in Chatswood.

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Wi Marn Thai Restaurant Ground Floor 7 Help Street PH: 9411 7351


  1. That veggie Pad Se-Ew sounds awesome! Love the food deals :) Food Morning is great for those! Such awesome value!

  2. @Nic@diningwithastud Definitely! It's one of my fave orders at any Thai restaurant.

  3. The table setting looks exquisite. I would like to try their cuisine.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, I love Thai food.

  5. Salt and pepper calamari is pretty staple in Calamari is pretty staple in Thai foods. It is better to try other unique spicy-sour Thai foods.