Thursday, September 15, 2011

OutBack Jacks Bar and Grill, Warwick Farm

I love birthdays. It's a GREAT excuse to eat out (not that I really need an excuse to eat out). But anyways. Our fam eats out quite a bit. Usually Japanese or Thai. You'd think that with the rising cost of living (in particular electricity - I had to sleep without a heater during this past winter) we would be eating at home more often to save money. Not the case with my family.

ANYway.. so this particular birthday happened to be my mamas 52nd birthday. Now, seriously if I age like my mum does, I'll be a happy woman. She does not look a day over 45, and I'm not just saying that because shes my mum (and the hope that I'll inherit those good genes.) Giving credit where credits due, she does take really good care of herself. Watching what she eats, researching food that will benefit her, drinks alot of water, etc. It's all too much work.

So dad suggested we try Out Back Jack Bar and Grill. I'm always up for trying new places so I happily agree. We arrive there and the first thing you notice when you walk into the restaurant, is the GIGANTIC crocodile model hanging from the ceiling. Apart from that, it's your usual bar and grill joint, similar to Out Back Steakhouse or Black Stump. There are booths as well as tables and chairs. I personally like booths and will always request a booth when eating out.

We were promptly served with menus and asked for our drink order. Our waiter was lovely very conversational and friendly. Along with your usual Steaks, poultry, salads, pastas and sides, I noticed the menu also included Kangaroo and crocodile meat. So for those a teeny more adventurous than I it's available. The menu is pretty extensive. lots to choose from. I don't' know if that's a good thing, because by the time everyone had given their meal order to the waiter, I was still sitting there looking over the menu trying to decide what to order. Spoilt for choice I was. There was even the option to actually select your own cut of meat from their chilled display cabinet, where it is then cooked by the chefs on an open char grill and served to you. I think they've thought of every way to satisfy meat eaters.

We decide on ordering a few entrees to share. We were quite disappointed actually. and get Bush Pepper Calamari and Chook Wings. Their servings are quite small. I had to laugh at how small the chicken wings were. Entrees were served on a bed of lettuce and it the amount of sauce wasn't proportional to the meat. I kept the garlic aioli that was served with the calamari for my chips. YUM!

Left - Chook Wings: $12.95 Right - Bush Pepper Calamari: $12.95

Atlantic Salmon - $22.95 Skin on - pan fried medium rare then topped with bearnaise.

Chicken Burger - $13.95 Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, melted cheese and ranch dressing.

Chicken Schnitzel - $17.95 Hand made home style crumbed chicken breast fillet

All meals were served with chips and salad. Chips were amazing! I finished my serve and started nibbling at my sisters plate. They were just too darn addictive! Plus we were watching mum open presents, and I needed to do something.

Another thing I noticed here is how SERIOUSLY they take their meat. They offer a Diamond Cut Gold Series steak selection which, according to the menu, "These steaks are exclusively sourced from Australia's richest grazing lands as seasons allow." You can choose form a Prime steak or a Choice steak. Talk about having a serious love of meat!

Monday nights is All You Can Eat Ribs and Pasta! Yes, I said it. Eat til you can't eat no more! I would go again, to try out more of the menu, but just from this visit alone, I've come to the conclusion that it's quite pricey and for some of the food, not worth it.

Sorry about the red-ish images, the lighting is terrible and I had to rely on my iPhone because my SLR is being annoying and switching off after ever photo I take. Got to fix that soon - thats neither here nor there. Well I've rambled enough for one day. :)


  1. The prices for the mains seem ok but you're right about the entrees, they're quite small and the sauce-meat ratio is wrong.

  2. well it sounds like your mum had a wonderful birthday :)