Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Host a Great Night In | Guest Post

Sometimes rather than hitting the town for a night out, it can be more relaxing (and not to mention cheaper) to host a night in with your mates. If you're hosting though, it's worth being a bit prepared to ensure you maximise on the fun potential of staying in in your own home. Here's a few simple tips to make sure your host night goes well.

Top Tips for how to Host a Great Night In!

  • Food! Make sure you have plenty of food options available. Think about baking some snacks like chocolate brownies or cupcakes or Mary's fabulous Walnut and Chocolate Cake!
    If you want to go all out, treat your friends to a degustation of five small courses. Get a friend to come over and help with the preparations a couple of hours beforehand or ask friends to bring some of their speciality dishes for the smaller courses. Go all out with matching wines and drinks for each course!
    Or for a less effort version of this foodie feast, consider ordering home delivery, with so many great restaurants in Sydney, get them to bring it to you! Really make a theme of it like a Mexican banquet or Thai food takeover . An easy way to reduce the cost is make any sides, salads or desserts yourself.

  • Create a signature cocktail – well it's lots of fun trying!

  • Get an assortment of movies ready including rom-coms, thrillers, comedies and classics so they'll be something for everyone.

  • Or my current favourite: cards. Have a deck of cards at the ready so you can turn it into a poker night! Or if you're not into poker, check out to see what other card games might appeal.

You and you friends will never want to go out again! What are your tips for being the Hostess with the Mostess?

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