Tuesday, October 25, 2011

T101 Tea & Cone Pizza, Liverpool Westfields

When you've grown accustomed to a certain place, it's so easy to notice any differences no matter how small. So because we both arrived at Liverpool Westfields ravenous, we headed straight to the food court in search for sustenance. Our eyes widened to the sights and lights of this place. Sis joked, that I "should totally blog about this place, it's new."

At first I dismissed her casual comment (reason being I was craving sushi), but on further inspection and seeing the "science experiment" going on in the background, curiosity overcame the Salmon and Avo sushi thoughts in my head, so we ventured toward T101 Tea & Cone Pizza for a closer look.

The at serving at the counter was so dang full of energy and enthusiasm. I was tired watching him say the same thing over and over again to the customers. Made me laugh though.

The "science experiment."

They have 6 different Cone Pizzas on offer plus a huge variety of flavoured teas. We chose combo 4 - 2 Cone Pizzas and 2 Teas for $15.

Left: Smoked Chicken Chicken + mushrooms + onions + mozzarella + parmesan + BBQ sauce

Apparently Smoked chicken is the most popular, and I can see why. I prefer the chicken over the mexican sausage, but maybe because I prefer BBQ Sauce over tomato sauce (except on chicken nuggest) anyday. You can really taste the sauce in the smoked chicken cone pizza. Sis agreed.

Right: Mexican Sausage Salami + Onion + tomato + olives + green capsicum + mozzarella + parmesan + tomato sauce

Left: Mango Black Tea with Lychee Jelly
Right: Lychee Green Tea with Lychee Jelly

There is SOO much jelly in these drinks! Yum!! Not sure if they're supposed to be smaller pieces though.. it kept getting stuck in the straw making it very difficult to drink. Still delicious though.

Will go back and try the rest of the flavours, esp Tomato and Basil - just because it has pesto. I love pesto.


  1. i love the cone pizzas at t101! def try the tomato and basil next time cos its awesome!

  2. cone pizza! whoa! so far from me though...>-<...

  3. Cone pizzas sounds odd but looks so good! I'm yet to try them.
    I love jelly in my drinks!

  4. oh noes, this place took over the mexican one ?? :(


    hope you've been well chic xx