Saturday, November 12, 2011

Braza Brazilian BBQ, Sydney Darling Quarter

So I heard from a few good friends that there was nothing quite like Brazilian BBQ. Curious, I was keen to try it for myself so I convince the boy and posed the question to the twitterverse which the best place to go in the CBD was. The clear consensus was Braza, in the Darling Quarter. So I immediately booked and eagerly awaited until 5 o'clock. You can find Braza in 3 different locations. This particular one that we visited was in the Darling Quarter - apparently the fancier one out of them all.

Because both the Boy and I were noobs at Brazilian BBQ, we asked the waitress to explain how it all works. She must get asked this question alot as she didn't seemed phased by it and explained it clearly, almost like it was rehearsed. So basically, for $47 pp you can eat as much as your stomach can hold!! The meat comes around to your tables on these large metal skewers, and to accompany, you can order from a selection of side dishes.

I ask the Boy what he wants...gave him a few seconds to reply.. and just said.. "How about I just order the side dishes.." to which he agreed. Oh yeah!!!

So, the side dishes are as follows: (I think the waitress thought I had over ordered on the sides, as I just kept ordering.. and she almost stopped me and was said, "I can bring out more if you run out.")

Cheese Bread - Complimentary for the first time after that its $6 for 4 pieces.

This pure cheesey goodness is AH-MAH-ZING! Seriously.. I'm disappointed we didn't order more. Luckily, the boy doesn't really like eating unhealthy stuff/cheese so after convincing him to try half of his, I ate his other half. Boo YA!

Salada Dois – Rocket Salad, Brazil nuts, Orange, Beetroot & Blue Cheese

Out of the two salads we ordered this one was by far my favourite. I love the delicious flavour combination that sweetness of the orange, the bitterness of the rocket and the salty creaminess of the blue cheese make with each fork full you put into your mouth!

Vinagretche – Tomato Salsa

Delicious mix of a variety of tomatoes. A really nice contrast to meat on the plate.

Potato Salad


Polenta Chips - These are SOO good! It's better if you eat it right when it's served. Doesn't taste great when it's cold.

Potato Chips - You can NEVER have enough deep fried stuff!

Now THIS little dooby is the cutest thing I've ever seen! At first I had NO idea what it was. Well.. at first I thought they were salt and pepper shakers.. then I spotted the actual salt and pepper shakers, so I ruled that out. Then I thought that it was a stand of some sort, to put plates on....not very stable I thought. So as my last resort, I asked the boy his thoughts. His answer... "It's a traffic light. Green means.. more food. Red means stop. I figured it out myself." It seemed logical.. but because he doesn't REALLY eat out that much, I wanted to double check. So I asked the next skewer man that visited our table. Yes, it was a traffic light. all fairness to me, he failed to mention that he's been to Brazilian BBQ before and knew it's purpose all along. DOH!

There was some umming and uhhing about when we should publicly declare "finito" .. but all good things come to an end. It's a fun way to eat! So I would definitely go again but with a bigger group.

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  1. My strategy is not to do Brazilian BBQ in the warm months of the year and not to eat starchy sides. That way you can get more meat in your stomach :)

  2. Yet to visit the new Darling Quarter. Love Brazillian BBQ, but it has been ages since to one. Love the keep it coming and stop service wooden toggles.

  3. so did you actually have any meat?