Thursday, November 3, 2011

Burma Fundraising Dinner + New Camera

So for those that don't follow me on twitter, I got a new camera!!! It's a Canon 60D and I will say a MAJOR improvement to my second hand Canon 300D. Must mean that I'm getting more serious with photography to invest in something like that when I'm supposed to be "saving" for some major event in the not too distant future. If you don't know what I'm talking about... you'll find sooner or later.

Well.. it was definitely a mission deciding to buy this new baby of mine. I researched and negotiated or the first time in my life. I was so proud of myself, seeing as I ALWAYS pay the advertised price and not see what deal I can get. But I negotiated (during my lunch break) until the salesman light heatedly called me shrewd - I'm pretty sure there was some truth to it.


I took it for a test run at a Fundraiser for Burma dinner I was attending. Here are some shots from the night :)

The AWESOME drum played by some burmese musicians.

Loving natural side light from windows.

Love Maton Guitars!

Can't wait for summer and Christmas holidays! So many picture perfect moments.. sigh.


  1. camera vs wedding...the camera wins for now haha!

  2. @sugarpuffi ARRGH!! unfortunatly.. the boy wouldn't agree if he knew :P Still trying to figure out the best wat to tell him.. haha..

  3. New camera, yay! Great shots, especially the last two ones.