Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cake Decorating Classes


Yes, i know everything is underlined. I DON'T know how that happened or how to take it off. So please, enlighten me, if you know how. :)

Ok! BTW.. really enjoying my Canon (exhibit A.) This pic was taken in the plane on the way to Gold Coast. So perfect! The window somehow had some rainbow in it because that exactly how it came out. NO PHOTOSHOP editing! swear!

In other news...

I've been waiting AGES to blog about this! But I've been quite slack/busy with life and the rest of it, blogging manages to fall further and further down the priority list. Boo! Yes, slap on the wrist for me. It's horrendous!

Ok ok .. almost a year ago, I've been going to weekly cake decorating classes with a couple of my friends. We're lucky enough to be taught by a lady that's been in the industry for a LOONG time, and wants to pass on her skills to the *cough* younger generation.

OH YEAH! Couldn't wait to share the results of our fondant flowers!

Mini roses! So cute, perfect size for a cupcake!

(WHERE did the underline go???) Bouquet of large roses, white filler flowers, buds and leaves.

Purple convolvulus.

You know.. it's GREAT knowing friends who can make fondant flowers. Budgeting idea for a wedding perhaps? Wink..


  1. omg i always wanted to go to a fondant class! jealoussss

  2. super pretty and they look like they were done by a professional!