Friday, May 18, 2012

Bonfire Brazillian Grill | Beverly Hills

It is slack that this is only my 3rd post this year. I really wish I could say otherwise, but then I'd be lying... An I don't lie.

Getting on with it.

Let me just say, this post, although titled "Bonfire Brazillian Grill" is actually about one dish in particular. Before you think, "Is it really necessary to dedicate an entire post on just One dessert," let me tell you..until you actually gone there and tried it, it probably is a bit excessive to commit a few hundred words on just a single dish. But if you've already experienced the sugary goodness then I've justified myself completely.

Ok.. So just quickly. Bonfire took over Vaby's Bar and Grill in Beverly Hill. (I have mixed feelings about this. Customer service at Vaby's was pretty poor, every time I've dined there, but I did like the Foot-long pecker). On Monday to Wednesday, You can have the Classic Churrasco for 1/2 price (with the Supreme option for $10 extra) so I guess that's a good thing, because I wouldn't pay $30+ for what we had. I did read the review before going and it wasn't looking good, but the family wanted to try so didn't have much say. Customer service was pretty appalling.

Our side dishes didn't come out until we had well and truly into dove into the meats - which became hard to swallow because they were quite salty without the sides. Our garden salad didn't come out and we had to remind them which is fine, if it was packed out and busy with customers.. which it wasn't. And we ordered water for the table which didn't end up being brought out. What I did like was the Chimichurri (someone correct me if I've misspelled it) sauce. The herby freshness counteracted the saltiness of the meat wonderfully. Wasn't a huge fan of the garlic sauce, I prefer my home made one.

By the end of it we were debating whether to stay for dessert, and it was my mum (usually the most health conscious out of us all) who made the decision to stay because she "felt like something sweet."

 We decided to order the Creme brûlée (which, again was pretty average) and the (drum roll, because it deserves one) "Xango - Rich, smooth cheesecake, with a slight tangy finish, rolled in melt-in-your-mouth, flaky pastry tortilla" This is what came out:

Not exactly what we expected, but then again there were no expectation. Well, I lie. There was the expectation that a cheesecake like form would appear on a plate, but being greeted with this, made my taste buds dance with excitement!

 The first bite was absolutely delicious!!! The creamy, ever so slightly tangy cheesecake textured filling perfectly complimented the flaky, crunchy, deep fried tortilla skin (which was also sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon - just like churros!!) wrapped around. Served with ice-cream, every bite was just a wonderful experience. Sister and I were exclaiming, "I can't believe how good this is," throughout the whole duration of consumption!

I would still drive 30 mins to eat this dessert because it was THAT good! I'm really worried that I've hyped it up too much and now the expectations will be high, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that expectations will exceed when (and I mean WHEN - because you will!)  you go to Bonfire.

My opinion - Churraso is very pricey, so I wouldn't even bother. Have you main meal at one of the many other restaurants on the strip and then head down to Bonfire for dessert. Xango is only $8.95. Order a coffee and it's a perfect little close to a meal.

On another note - I've been experimenting in the kitchen to make beef ribs lately and come up with a DROOL-able recipe! It's a patience game this one, but the result is so worth it!  Will post soon. :)

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  1. Who would expect an amazing dessert from a churrasqueria? I certainly wouldn't... Good luck you found it! Oh, and the spelling for chimichurri is correct :)

    1. I know! It really is worth a try! :) i've been thinking about it ever since!

  2. hmm very interesting. might drop in just for their dessert then LOL