Monday, August 4, 2014

French in Fairfield: Montagne

Greetings! Long time no blog. In just over a week, I'll be 4 months married. Time flies. 

As a local, since 2011, I've unconsciously become somewhat of a South West foodie cheerleader when it comes to dining potentials in this wonderfully cultural area of Sydney, an area which can sometimes be overlooked from a high-end venue perspective.    

I've recently discovered (thank to my mama) the new restaurant offerings in Fairfield RSLMontagne is a delightful French restaurant which not only offers classic mouth-watering French dishes but also detailed décor which replicate stylish Parisian cafes. 

I had booked a dinner for 2 on a week night (Wednesday) which was good as there weren't many patrons dinning there that evening. Good customer service can seriously make or break a dining experience, so being greeted by a friendly front of house staff that was all manners and smiles, was a great start to the dinner.

Giving the menu the quick once over, we made our decisions and put the order in for entrée and main.

I ordered the Cheese Soufflé (entrée - $14) and Bouillabaisse (main - $32) while 'E 'ordered the Chicken Liver Pate (entrée - $14) and the special Roast of the Day which was the Slow Roast Angus with Potato Puree and vegies (main - $30) and finishing off sharing an Apple Tarte Tatin (dessert - $12) which I forgot to take a photo of (apologies!).

As we waited for our meal to arrive, we were both served with a warm white crusty bread roll and butter to nibble on. 

 Cheese Souffle - Light, fluffly and delicious

Chicken Liver Pate - I would argue this is good for 2 people. Pate itself has a smooth consistency and quite tasty, but too much for one person! I didn't quite take to the cherry jam. 

Bouillabaisse -  Generous helpings of seafood. Perfectly seasoned, heart warming amd a winter must!

Slow Roast Angus beef with Potato Puree, Veges and a Red wine jus - again, perfectly seasoned. The meat was so tender that all you needed to do was pull it apart with your knife and fork. 

Little taste of France in the heart of Fairfield!

2 down, 3 more restaurants in the RSL to try! I think I'll book in La Tratt next!

Montague - Fairfield RSL
14 Anzac Ave, Fairfield NSW 2165

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